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Sustylish Urban career

SUEK는 한지로 만드는 한지사,천연소재,타이벡(Tyvek) 등의  환경친화적 소재와

Zero Waste패턴을 기반으로

지속가능하면서도 스타일리쉬함을 추구하는

Urban Career 여성 브랜드입니다.

SUEK [Su:kay] is a Sustainable and Stylish urban Career women’s Wear Brand

which uses Eco-friendly materials such as Hanji, Korean Traditional yarn made with paper, Tyvek and natural fibers.

Zero-waste pattern is also the key method to accomplish our goal of less or zero waste in fashion life.

SUEK makes the earth cool down with power of design and environmental responsibility.

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