2019 Design Donation-JERRY BAG X EWHA 

2019 PERSPECTIVISM: Rectangle:Re_angle Invited Exhibition , Ewha Art Center

Zero Waste Fashion Design Using Paper Folding Methods

While development of industrial and economic growth brought abundance and convenience our society, they also caused severe environmental issues and problems. Recently governments and industries have tried to find ways to resolve these environmental issues in various fields of researches. In fashion, there are also studies and efforts such as choosing eco-friendly materials, re-using or reducing wastages. Out of these, Zero-waste fashion is drawing attention as a practical approach that can reduce or remove the once inevitable clothing waste through a thorough pre-arranged plan. The aim of this study is to present some designs of zero-waste, the ecofriendly, sustainable, and creative way of making clothes, by adopting paper-folding. In so doing, the designs express structural and artistic beauty.

Rectangle: Re_Angle 2016,Seoul Arts Center예술의전당

디자인은 물질과 정신이 하나로 융합된 대상이다.

진정한 세계란 소외된 이들이 모두 포함된 인류이며

인류가 공존하는 자연이고 자연의 생태가 유지되고 있는 지구 그 자체이다.      -

-빅터 파파넥(Victor Papanek)-

환경친화적이고 윤리적인 Zero Waste 컨셉에서 시작된 이번  <Rectangle: Re_Angle>작품들은 직사각형 원단 그대로를 남김없이 동등하게 사용하고 접기 방식을 접목한 옷의 실루엣 창조와 접힌 면을 펴는 방식에 따라 점프수트에서 드레스로,코트에서 셔츠로,장식적인 스카프로 전환되는 트랜스포머블(transformable)디자인으로서 그 활용의 가치를 더하였다.​물질과 정신이 하나가 되고 소외된 부분없이 자연의 상태를 보존하려는 디자이너의 선의 의지는 옷의 또 하나의 구성법이 되었고 옷에 대한 미의 기준을 함께 제고해 보기를 권한다.

The pieces for this project <Rectangle:Re_Angle> aim to realize the concept Zero Waste, which stands for eco-friendly and ethical fashion design, using the whole rectangular  fabric without leaving any leftovers. By adopting some of skills of paper-folding, I could find new angles and create some new dimensional silhouettes. These transformable designs, enabling changing a jumpsuit to a dress, or changing a coat to a shirt and a decorative scarf, have maximized their utilitarian value.

A designer's will to make spirit and material harmonized and not to waste anything form nature has led to this new way of making clothes. I hope this could provide you with an opportunity to rethink about the beauty in fashion.

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