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about me


Hi! I am a Fashion designer, artist and instructor.

I have been worked in fashion industry in Seoul and New York since 2004.

selling more designs with big quantity was my priority goal.

As time goes by, and with marriage and having babies,

I started to rethink about why I do fashion and how I make it meaningful.

That's how I met the concept of "Zero waste fashion"(ZW).

The responsibility of designers for earth that Victor Papanek insisted was

a great inspiration for me to start ZW Fashion.


 I mainly used Paper-folding methods and techniques to realize ZW fashions.

It's predictable and unpredictable at the same time.

 it's transformable, dimensional, spacious and artistic on human body. 

And I also used various methodologies such as fun cuttings, String Bojagi (Korean Traditional Wrapping Cloth), traditional patterns, etc. to accomplish the goal of ZW, minimizing fabric waste during production.

It is so wonderful to see how the limit can become sources of creative designs and conversion of ideas.

To me, fashion is a fun tool of reading the world and communicating with people.

This website contains of my creative practices across fashion and art, especially Zero waste fashion for sustainability. 

I hope everyone who visits here can be inspired by my works and

involve making our earth Cool down.


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